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Museum Fridericianum gGmbH
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34117 Kassel
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Court of Registry:
AG Kassel, HRB 2154
Chairman of the Supervisory Board:
Christian Geselle
Chief Executive Officer:
Dr. Sabine Schormann
Responsible for publications pursuant to Art. 55, Section 2, RStV:
Dr. Sabine Schormann


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CEO documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH
Dr. Sabine Schormann (Director General)
T +49 561 70727-0

PA to the CEO
Joanne Eberlein
T +49 561 70727-14

PA to the CEO
Jutta Büsch
T +49 561 70727-19

Andreas Brandenstein
T +49 561 70727-24

Executive Assistant to the CEO
Sustainability Manager
Philipp Greguhn
T +49 561 70727-4080

Head of Controlling
Andreas Konradi
T +49 561 70727-2521

Financial Accounting
Karin Balzer-Meyer
T +49 561 70727-16

Human and Finance Resources
Brigitte Gabler
T +49 561 70727-17

Assistant Human and Finance Resources
Carmen Glahn
T +49 561 70727-18

Assistant Human and Finance Resources
Tomke Aljets
T +49 561 70727-2518

Assistant Legal Department
Franziska Siebert
T +49 561 70727-2519

Assistant Privacy and Tendering
Matthias Schröder
T +49 561 70727-4063

Event Management
Clara T. Sakić
T +49 561 70727-34

Head of Communications and Marketing
Johanna Köhler

Deputy Head of Communications and Marketing
(Acting Head January 1 – October 31, 2021)
Karoline Köber

Office Management Communications and Marketing
Sarah Willmann
T +49 561 70727-4030

Coordinator Communications and Marketing
Alexandra Südkamp
T +49 561 70727-2523

Student Assistant Communications and Marketing
Marie Slama
T +49 561 70727-2524

Assistant Communications and Marketing
Magda Duraj
T +49 561 70727-4069

Head of Education
Susanne Hesse-Badibanga
T +49 561 70727-3005

Project Controlling and Management Education and Art Mediation
Peter Anhalt
T +49 561 70727-4022

Head of Production and Technical Department
Martin Fokken
T +49 561 70727-21

Coordinator Production and Technical Department
Larissa Hüttenhein
T +49 561 70727-4060

Head of Infrastructure/documenta Halle
Matthias Sauer
T +49 561 70727-45

Event and Time-Based Media Technology/Logistics
Christoph Huntzinger
T +49 561 70727-6122

In-house Technician
Zan Dzeko
T +49 561 70727-22

Technical Building Management/ IT-Infrastructure
Stefan Schlenker
T +49 561 70727-6124

Technician documenta Halle
Uwe Leifheit
T +49 561 70727-8502

Technician documenta Halle and ruruHaus
Björn Juraschitz
T +49 561 70727-4095

Nassr Alsaeedi
T +49 561 70727-76

Head of Café im Fridericianum
Daniel Franco
T +49 561 70727-3011

documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH
Friedrichsplatz 18
D – 34117 Kassel
T +49 561 70727-0
F +49 561 70727-39

>Team documenta fifteen

Team Fridericianum

Moritz Wesseler
T +49 561 70727-20

Office Management
Justin Delor
T +49 561 70727-20

Julia Schleis
T +49 561 70727-3003

Curatorial Assistant
Dana Schütte
T +49 561 70727-3004

Friedrichsplatz 18
D – 34117 Kassel
T +49 561 70727-20
F +49 561 70727-39

Team documenta archiv

Dr. Birgitta Coers
T+ 49 561 70727-3100

Assistant to the Director and Administration
Sigrid Heisel
T+ 49 561 70727-3100

Scientific Research
Martin Groh
T+ 49 561 70727-3107

Student Assistant
Alexandra Winterhoff
T+ 49 70727-3101

Public Relations

Records and Papers & Media Archive
Saskia Mattern
T+ 49 561 70727-3102

Records and Papers
Jenny Beringmeier
T+ 49 561 70727-3121

Records and Papers
Fynn Frederic Grage
T+ 49 561 70727-3122

Records and Papers
Susanne Rübsam
T+ 49 561 707273104

Student Assistant
Anne Koch
T+ 49 561 70727-3115

Media Archive
Karoline Achilles
T+ 49 561 70727-3118

Media Archive
Michael Gärtner
T+ 49 561 70727-3106

Media Archive
Lena Voss
T+ 49 561 70727-3124

Media Archive
Mareike Walch
T+ 49 561 70727-3120

Student Assistant
Maximilian Preuss

Student Assistant
Marcus Freymuth

Student Assistant
Raffael Streicher

Head of Library
Sara Melchior
T +49 561 70727-3108

Art Library
André Biribanti
T +49 561 70727-3125

Art Library
Emily Denyer
T+ 49 70727-3109

Student Assistant
Lukas Eckhardt

Reading Room
Natalie Schmidt
T+ 49 70727-3112

Melissa Köhler
T+ 49 561 70727-3117

Arlett Sauermann
T+ 49 561 70727-3114

documenta archiv
Untere Karlsstraße 4
D – 34117 Kassel
T +49 561 70727-3100
F +49 561 70727-39

Team documenta Institut

Founding Director
Prof. Dr. Heinz Bude
T +49 561 70727-3201

Professor “Art and Knowledge”
Prof. Dr. Felix Vogel

Professor “Art and Society”
Prof. Dr. Liliana Goméz

Professor “Art and Economies”
Prof. Dr. Mi You

Scientific Associate
Alexander Bullik

Scientific Associate
Vienne Chan

Scientific Associate
Krzysztof Gutfranski

Scientific Associate
Sabrina Herrmann

Scientific Associate
Louis-Antoine Mège

Scientific Associate
Paula-Cristina Stoica

Assistant to the Founding Director
Michael Flörchinger
T +49 561 70727-3201

Development Planning
Katharina Benderoth
T +49 561 70727-3200

Stefanie Steps
T +49 561 70727-3202

documenta Institut
Friedrichsplatz 18
D – 34117 Kassel
T +49 561 70727-3201
F +49 561 70727-39

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